How To Protect Your Boat From Fire

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While the chance of a fire on your boat may be small, you should still be prepared to handle a fire emergency. Your boat carries gasoline, so there is always the potential for fire. Depending on the type of boat you have, there could be many flammable items on board that fuel the flames of a fire, and some of them may release toxic fumes. You want to get a fire under control fast because you have no way to escape it but to jump into the water.

23 November 2017

4 Tips For Furnishing Productive Employee Workstations In The Office

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Whether you're furnishing new employee workstations for the first time or giving old workstations a makeover, following are four tips you can use to furnish each space for optimized productivity: Focus on Ergonomics One of the most important things you can do when furnishing workstations for your employees is focus on ergonomics. By creating a custom ergonomic work space for each employee, you'll better be able to reduce the number of stressful physical situations that they're exposed to and optimize their ability to properly function while completing tasks.

23 October 2017

Looking For Tech Experience? Look To Nonprofits!

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Nonprofit organizations are a great way to gain experience in a particular field if you're trying to become a stronger technician. Although many nonprofits are in need of highly-trained professionals to provide services to people in need or dire situations, many of these professionals could use assistants or apprentices who can "learn through osmosis" as it were by being part of the task at hand. As you look through job options, here are a few ways that a nonprofit tech job could boost your future:

22 October 2017

3 Tips For Getting Property Condition Assessments

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When you are looking into buying a piece of property, it's critical that you do your due diligence. In this regard, property condition assessments are the best thing that you can look into. If you want to assess the property, you will need to reach out to licensed and insured home inspection professionals that will be able to handle it with diligence and experience. To this end, you should read the following tips and contact some pros that can help you out any time that you're looking into property condition assessments for your dream home:

16 October 2017

Protecting Client Information When Your Firm Moves

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Client protection is important for any law firm. The nature of the legal work you do for clients could be confidential. Even if it isn't, taking measures to protect client information is important, especially during a move to a more spacious building. Before going anywhere, plan to tackle these issues first: Backup Data First, it's smart to downsize and eliminate clutter where you can. Moving often offers a unique shot at getting rid of things you no longer need, and in that respect, a law firm is no different than a private residence.

15 October 2017

3 Tips To Improve Your Candidate Pool

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Having the right employees can significantly impact the overall success of a business. If you are looking to fill open positions within your company, then improving the quality of your candidate pool should be a top priority. Here are three simple tips that you can use to locate more qualified employee candidates in the future. 1. Develop relationships with local universities. One of the easiest ways to gain access to quality employee candidates is to take the time to develop relationships with universities in your area.

14 October 2017

5 Tips For Planning A Party With A Mardi Gras Theme

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Do you need to plan a surprise birthday event for one of your friends who enjoys partying? One of the best ways to pull off such a surprise is to opt for a Mardi Gras theme. The theme does not only represent coming together and having a good time, but it can also be a fun project to put together. All you will need is the right kind of decorations, as well as food and drinks for everyone to enjoy.

13 October 2017